Wednesday, 10 April 2019

International Day!

What a fantastic international day the Junior school had. The teachers had planned some really interesting, educational and fun activities for the children to take part in. Each class went to another teacher to learn about a different culture and to do an activity based on something from that country.

Room 9 made some beautiful Chinese Lanterns made from OHP sheets and coloured tissue paper.

Room 10 went to Mexico and made some stunning Sombreros for their Siesta.

Room 11 put some shrimp on the barbie and headed across the ditch to learn about the strange Australian animals and do some Aboriginal dot art.

Room 12 were off to Greece to create some Laurel Wreaths like ancient olympians.

Room 13 visited exotic Indian and created some very colourfully decorated Indian Elephants.

Room 14 were off to Bolivia where they learned about the local customs and culture and created a Bolivian flag and finger puppets.

Room 21 created some amazing looking Thailand Elephants.

Room 24 were off to Spain to learn the language and create collages using the Spanish flag colours, they even snuck in a game of football!

Room 25 learnt to count to 10 in Japanese and made some beautiful Japanese fans. They even had a special guest come all the way from Japan to talk about what he did there and show off an amazing Samurai Sword!

Room 26 headed to the fair Isles of Ireland to make some lucky shamrocks.

Monday, 18 February 2019

Splish, Splosh, Splash!!

Wow what a cool time we all had at Splish Splosh Splash day. There were some awesome aquatic activities like the slippery water slide, running and jumping through sprinklers, shooting ducks with water pistols, obstacle courses, blowing bubbles and lots of chances to get soaking wet!

Here are some pieces of writing that the children did based on their experiences.

On Tuesday Room 9 went to Splish, Splosh, Splash. I like the sprinkler.
          By Tirshaan, Room 9

On Thursday it was Splish, Splosh, Splash day. We went to the backfield and we shooted the duck with waterguns. It was so much fun and I was happy and I was cold. My favourite part was the pool because I had fun swimming.
          By Elvira, Room 9

I liked sliding on the water slide. I was very excited.
          By Roman, Room 13